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We have good news for diabetics! Free yourself of the fear of going to sleep concerned of a hypoglycemia event going undetected. The GlycemiaCare watch is our new non-invasive, web connected, patented technology that monitors multiple physiological parameters for an early warning in emergencies.

There are over 420 million diabetics worldwide. Many diabetics treated with Insulin live with a constant fear of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia – a life-threatening night time drop in blood sugar that may result in serious complications or even death.

NavonTech is committed to alleviating this fear by providing an accurate noninvasive wearable device for identification and intervention in such cases.

Imagine no longer waking up at night
to prick your finger or look over your loved one.

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Why GlycemiaCare

Constant Monitoring

GlycemiaCare provides ease of mind and a sound sleep, to diabetics and their family, by constantly monitoring, and providing a real-time alert in cases of a hypoglycemic emergency.


GlycemiaCare is noninvasive. It does not require a blood sample and does not penetrate the skin in any way.

Real Time Alerts

GlycemiaCare actively monitors your physiological parameters. All you need to do is turn it on. If there is a problem, GlycemiaCare will wake you up, and alert your loved ones through a dedicated app.


GlycemiaCare works like a lie detector. It monitors various physiological changes that occur inhypoglycemia, such as: Heart rate changes, variability in heart rate, breathing rate, skin humidity, skin temperature, muscle twitches, and skin conductivity. In addition, GlycemiaCare monitors additional unique parameters discovered during our research.

Once worn around the wrist and turned on, GlycemiaCare begins monitoring for signs of stress. GlycemiaCare’s powerful algorithm was developed with machine learning technology based on clinical trials we conducted.

The use of many parameters in combination with a sophisticated algorithm minimizes the inconvenience of false alarms while increasing the detection rate.

The device will wake up the wearer by a local alarm and vibration.
In addition, through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a dedicated app GlycemiaCare notifies a predefined call list. Users can also subscribe to a medical response center.

Diabetes Facts

Diabetes is one of most common diseases in the world and growing rapidly.

250,000 American children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes every year.

Nocturnal Hypoglycemia may go unnoticed, leading to delayed treatment and possible complications.

1 in 10 Americans has diabetes

A common treatment complication, especially in type 1 diabetes, is Hypoglycemia.

5% of Insulin Dependent Diabetics die because of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia.

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In Commemoration of Gadi Kan-Tor

Gadi was a passionate fighter for everything he believed in, starting from his service in the Israeli Navy through his wide-ranging career as a businessman and entrepreneur, till his last battle with cancer.

As an Insulin Dependent Diabetic Gadi founded Big Medical and Night Sense and dedicated many years of his life to developing solutions that will improve the lives of diabetics. Gadi was diagnosed with cancer mid work on the technology behind GlycemiaCare and bravely stayed at the helm to the very end.

Gadi’s work and commitment are an inspiration to us all.

At NavonTech we are following the path and example Gadi laid for us in his dedication and bravery. We are proud to continue Gadi’s work and are committed to realizing his dream of helping diabetics live a normal fear free life.